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The SERV Program

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The SERV Program. Making it possible




The HMM-161 ASSOCIATION held their annual reunion in Knoxville in May of this year.  The group can from all over the United States to connect with their Marine Corp brothers.  The even lasted for 3 days and they had several social and business gathering.  The group is made up of Marines from what they term "The Nam era."  But most of the group's participants are from the training squadron HMM-161.  That group of men developed, trained, grew and went to Vietnam as on squadron and most stayed with the squadron for the 13 month tour.

SERV would like to say the "The Nam era group".  Thank you for a job well donel. 


If you think it's tough being a Marine try being a Marine Wife.  Above the women that have supported the Marines of HMM-161.  




Company history

The Veterans Research Group (VRG), a 501 (c) (3), supports veterans and veteran's families interested in higher education. VRG is the parent organization of Supportive Education for the Returning Veteran (SERV).SERV is a program designed to assist in creating a more veteran friendly college campus environment for our returning OEF-OIF service-members.Section T of the “Higher Education Opportunity Act” calls for model programs for Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success.SERV has been selected as one of the best programs in the country.(Nov 12, 2008 Wal-Mart Ace award).Cleveland State, a SERV school at the time was also selected for the Tillman Scholarship award.