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The SERV Program

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The Supportive Education for the Returning Veteran () Program is excited to present our new partnership with Northeast Ohio Health Science & Innovation Coalition (NOHSIC). As you know SERV is dedicated to offering a seamless transition to every member of the military, leading to a successful civilian career.

As Ohio continues to struggle with critical workforce development issues. Our educational achievement level rank is one of the lowest in the United States. Jobs lost to other states are primarily due to the lack of a qualified and educated Ohio workforce.


Healthcare careers continue to be one of the fastest growing career fields in the nation offering both competitive wages and long-term career stability. Given these conditions, our partnership with NOHSIC will ensure that every veteran seeking a career in the healthcare system is given the support necessary to successfully compete in his or her chosen career field.

 will expand its role from the classroom to Supporting Careers for the Returning Veteran. We are developing a SERV-like program that will support veterans during their first years in the workforce. This program will only be successful with your help. WE NEED YOUR HEALTHCARE veteran students and graduates.


We are asking the healthcare providers to give priority to skilled veterans seeking jobs in the healthcare field. In the next few months we will be identifying key positions that veterans can apply for. We need you and your organization to identify these veterans. The concept is simple: you identify the veteran and SERV will support them through the process. 

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